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lkasjdlsajdlasjdl. Who has the link to that BJD wiki thing with different companies and dolls and I can’t remember what else that’s been floating around? Pls help.

Do you mean this one?

Yay! :D That is wonderful news! And that sounds like a really cool hybrid!

Thanks! I’m pretty stoked about it. He’s probably going to be a bit creepy looking poor boy, but that’s kinda the point. Now just to find him clothes…




I tried out the macro-lens I “stole” from my father (he said I could have it as he doesn’t really use it). It’s for an older model Nikon camera, so the autofocus doesn’t work on mine. It feels weird having to focus manually, and it’s not very convenient when I have to take photos in a hurry, so I think I’ll get one with autofocus sometime, but for now, this one works.

Quinn is actually one of my favourite dolls (and definitely among my favourite characters), but I don’t have that many pictures of him, and the ones I have have other dolls in them too. So have a portrait. He doesn’t wear a shirt because, umm, well…. he honestly looks the best without one xD I really love the Iplehouse bodies, even with their completely shitty poseability.

He’s so lovely! (I might be biased though since I love the name Quinn). Is he grey skin?

Aww, thank you *hugs* <3 I love the name Quinn too, hehe. Nah, he’s NS, but I usually wash the colours out a bit unless the picture contains strong colour contrasts. I guess I just tend to like less saturated colours better in my pictures.

It looks really cool though! I thought it was a sepia picture at first. I love the way all the tones of his faceup match his wig. 

yay! that’s awesome news! :D

Thanks! He is going to have absolutely nothing to wear though…well he’ll have a cream angora-blend cowl…but that’s it.

*triumphant screeching* 

So if you remember my sad vague blogging about a doll thing that fell through, that was a Doll Chateau body that I got offered but turned out to be the embossed Christina body and so useless to me. I was super sad and had even resigned myself to waiting 6 months if DC did a decent christmas event. 

And then the seller contacted me again saying that the transaction for the DC stacey she was also trying to sell had fallen through and would I like the body. Needless to say I said yes. 

The body will be going to Crow and will eventually be sent off to be modded into a boy body. But for now I’m just happy to have found a body. I’m super excite to see it in person. 

Now the waiting on shipping. 


tall people: if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. i cant keep up with you. please think of my tiny legs i dont want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS

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I’m always surprised how often Volks Irvins pop up for sale on Mandarake. There’s one up there now with really pretty custom makeup and all the fullset pieces and he’s only 80 000 yen. I’d totally buy him if I didn’t already have one!

Irvins are seriously under appreciated. 


Tall Friends… ♥ Birthday gift for my best friend. :}

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Made a pair of longer gloves. Here’s how they look compared to the short ones. Also I don’t think Deih likes modelling for me. He keeps punching himself in the face. #bjd #delf #knitting

kawaiimon I hope the long ones aren’t too long? One cm makes a big difference at doll size!