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I just realised that I bought myself a Volks limited…then butchered a 10 buck wig and put it on his head. 

It looks good though so I’m not sorry

Sometimes I forget I’m still waiting on my Orpheus, since I’ve had 3 other dolls arrive since I ordered him. 

And then I remember 

And then I spend the rest of the day making internal sad noises about how long I’ve been waiting. 

I’m the worst at long waits. worst. 


cain already woke up ? ot3 ? yeah

Also for those interested in larger size bjd jumpers I’m working on an SD13 pattern as well. I’m hoping It’ll fit smaller dolls like my Delf too. 

I also need to make more Yo-SD ones…though I can’t make them rainbow because the yarn is too big. 


So yesterday my sweater by the lovely Sols-crew arrived! And I’m super-pleased! I don’t knit, and I have a passing familiarity with crochet, but I know enough to know her stitches are super nice and the size is great. And importantly, they’re tight enough for even a Rosette’s delicate fingers to not be much of a problem (once you got started, anyway), without being so tight it doesn’t feel nice. I put it on Oethel as well as Wheatley since she said she didn’t have any gals to try it on. Lady bust Rosette gals have the same measurement as a Large bust Minifee. But they’re much thinner in the waist and hips (Oethel has a pair of Yo-SD shorts she wears a lot). So it should fit a Minifee nicely. Don’t mind what looks like weird sleeve lengths here. Rosette arms are way long and idk what’s going on with Wheatley.

But I am super-chuffed with what I’ve received, and sols-crew is super great to deal with! She even refunded me when the shipping ended up being less than she’d quoted, which not everyone would do! Thanks so much! Princess Luna says WE ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THE SWEATER BUT IT SHOULD BE MORE PURPLE MAYHAPS

(Wheatley is a Bobobie Tony who fits nicely into Volks clothing, and Oethel is a Soom Rosette on the Pure Lady body who fits Ellowyne and Evangeline clothes very well.)

I’m so glad you like it! My one does the weird sleeve thing too, they like to creep up. It’s good to hear that they are likely to fit the Minifee girls too and i’m really surprised how nice they fit your Rosette girl. 

Thanks so much for buying (and loving) it! 

For Sale! 

More cute jumpers. Both of these are for sale for $25 each. 

They fit slim MSD’s like Resinsoul boys and Fairyland Minifee boys (I haven’t been able to try them on any girls yet)

They’re made of a superwash/polyamide blend yarn. They have a hook and eye closure in the back (I tried to get a picture of it but I couldn’t) for ease of dressing. 

Please be aware I live in a pet friendly home. I try to keep my dog away from my doll things but there is the off chance of a stray hair. 


Christmas Tree Worms - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6


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intermission from old man porn

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Have a couple crappy instagram photos while I decide who’s wearing what for the Korean BJD show!