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20-something, human, female. Is frequently found writing or daydreaming about her own fictional characters. Likes many things including BJD, books, movies, music, science and comics. Has a minor obsession with Starfighter and Pacific Rim.

These are photos that didn’t make the grade for my photography final (mostly because they didn’t fit the theme) but I liked them anyway. Quinn and I went exploring in my local botanic gardens. The first two photos were taken on this big metal fountain that’s never running. I just liked the rusty metal and how tiny Quinn looked. The third one is this cool tree that has these strange roots that stick out of the ground. The fourth one is on the Kawasaki bridge (Kawasaki Japan is the sister city of my hometown). 

Quinn is a Resinsoul Song
Rainbow bottle by ilikeshinies (it’s usually mine but he stole it) 

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