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Part 1: Making a wig cap


  • Volunteer (Rain (LTF Shiwoo) is demonstrating for us)
  • Saran/cling wrap
  • PVA Glue (also known as white glue, it’s an easily available glue that goes on white and dries clear. PVA is best because it dries flexible.)
  • Fabric (light coloured fabrics only because dark colours might stain. calico and cotton work best, just try stay away from thin fabrics. You want something durable.)
  • Scissors (sharp fabric scissors)
  • Elastic band (optional)
  • Paint brush (an old one preferably since you’ll be using it with glue)


1. Preparation 

If you’re working on a Monster High or similar then make sure they are completely de-haired before starting. If you’re working on a BJD take off all their clothes and their wig.image

Then cut a large piece of cling wrap, and place it on their head (you can do this step for MH but I don’t tend to, I just glue things straight to their head). Wrap it really tight to your dolls head and try to get a minimum amount of wrinkles. Secure it around your dolls neck with an elastic band (optional: it should stay I just like the extra security)


2. Making the Cap

Cut a wide strip of your fabric that’s long enough to go around your doll’s head with a bit left over. Make sure it’s wide enough to come right down over your dolls forehead and only leave a small gap in the middle of the head. You want to make the cap bigger than it needs to be so you can cut it back.


Get your paint brush and paint a wide strip of glue around your dolls head over the cling wrap (or just on their head if you’re using a MH doll).


Stick one end of your fabric strip in the glue and hold it in place while you pull the rest of the strip tight around your dolls head. Make sure it comes down far enough to cover your dolls forehead, ears and down the back of their head. Also make sure it’s really tightly wrapped. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sit flat to the head everywhere, we’ll deal with that in a bit.


Trim the end of the strip to size (make sure it overlaps the other end though) and glue it down.


To make sure everything sits flat, use your scissors to cut little slits into the edge of the strip closest to the crown of the head.


Glue these pieces down so they overlap and sit flat to the head. You may need to use your fingers to push them really flat. It works best if the fabric is really saturated with glue. image

Now we need to fill in the big hole on top. Cut a square of fabric that is big enough to cover the hole and then some. Cover any remaining cling wrap in glue and pop the square on top of the hole. DON’T PUSH THE SIDES DOWN YET! Just let it sit there.


Take your scissors and cut slits around the edge of the square. image

Then carefully glue the pieces down so they overlap and sit flat to the head. You may need to use your fingers to really press those strips down. Once it’s all pressed down securely then set your doll aside to dry.image

NOTE: For MH dolls with ears (Clawdeen, Rochelle, Toralei ect) I use a second wide strip instead of a square, and then fill in any gaps with small triangle shapes. Below you can see a wig cap for a customised Rochelle I’m working on. image

3. Finishing Up

When the top of your wig cap is dry you can carefully remove it and the cling wrap from your doll’s head. Carefully peel off the cling wrap and let the cap dry completely. Once it’s dry completely coat the outside of the cap with a layer of PVA glue and allow to dry. Then coat the inside and let dry. This just strengthens the cap, so it won’t disintegrate when you’re sewing on the wefts.       

When the cap is completely dry, put it back on your dolls head. It should be a tight fit (If you have a MH with ears you will probably have to squeeze their ears together to get the cap back on) If it won’t go on, you can cut some little slits in the edge.image

Mark where you want the edge of the cap to be with a pencil.image

Take the cap off your doll and cut it slightly longer than the line you marked . Pop it back on their head and re-mark accordingly. Refine the fit until you have a shape you’re happy with (my shape ended up a bit different to my initial marks). image

And that’s your wig cap done! On to part 2!

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask!

Part 2: Making Wefts
Part 3: Making the Wig 
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