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Showing off Paris’ amazing tentacle horns, which were made by Shelbelly to match the wonderful hooves she made. I love them so much! 

Unfortunately this is not Paris’ final look, since I still need to get a body/head (My Delf Shiwoo just gets roped in every time i want to play with hooves.) I’m hoping to get a Delf If/Delf Soony/F60 Luka/F60 Chloe head in white skin, and put it on a Type 3 Delf body but I can’t find one for a halfway decent price. Anyone have one of those they want to sell me that’s under $200? Especially Chloe or If? Like really…I’m serious…

Either way I’m so happy that Paris is slowly coming together. I never thought I’d have Paris as a doll because of all the bits and pieces that would need to be assembled (plus I couldn’t find a pair of hooves that were right). But my crazy alien is coming together quite nicely!

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    Aww thanks! Hopefully I can put him together properly by the end of next year! *rolls around happy because people like...
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    FANGASM! Holy crap this is an awesome concept.
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    They’re amazing! :O
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    wow he look at him! :D he looks amazing! just wow…. its hard to believe i made the hooves and tentacles under that...
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